According to the song Seasons of Love from RENT, there are 525,600 minutes a year.

One line later, there are “525,000 Moments so dear”.

So, doing the math, we can glean that there are 600 moments which aren’t so dear.

And I think I just used one of them by walking in on my boss who forgot to lock the bathroom stall.

Anonymous: omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material


another interesting fact is that we are fuckin homo nerds it seems 


God promised man that good obedient wives would be found in every corner of the earth ………then he made the earth round and laughed and laughed and laughed.


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Allison Wade -  Break-up Texts; 2013-2014


was anyone else besides me disappointed that the breakfast club wasn’t actually at all about breakfast? i was expecting scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles and instead, all i got was some teen angst served with a side of eighties fashion, which don’t get me wrong, i love, but i was wondering where the bacon was the entire time. 



racism is over

this is my favorite thing wow